Lahore School of Economics at Debating Championship – Sri Venkateswara College, Dehli, India

September 18, 2007
By Sidra Rana

Lahore School of Economics participated in Rhetoric Parliamentary Debating Championship at Sri Venkateswara College of Dehli University , India from Sep 8 to 14, 2007. Rhetoric is known as one of the prestigious debating events in South Asia. Teams from Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh participated in this event.

Ayesha Mirza, Umer Anwer and Shahram Niazi participated as speakers and Omer Imtiaz and M. Ali Murtaza adjudicated the matches. Ali Murtaza was declared as the best adjudicator of the tournament from among top 11 adjudicators from all over from South Asia.


Charity ‘Singing’ Gala

September 17, 2007

Khadija Shahid

Lahore School of Economics Social Welfare Society held a Charity ‘Singing’ Gala in the Main Cafeteria on September 13, 2007.

Students performed on stage and a lot of musical talent was discovered through a variety of songs from soft, hip hop, rock to Pushto by a student. Contributions were collected for charity.


September 3, 2007
For fresh students, joining the Lahore School of Economics signals the moment of their initiation as students in an awesome environment. Students are here at the Lahore School not only because of their gifts, but rather (and, perhaps, paradoxically), they are gifted because they are here. By being here, in this place, greatness is thrust upon them. Maybe this sounds heretical. Does distinction ultimately reside in places rather than people?

The Lahore School is a university that is proud of its students, faculty, green walkways, courtyards, libraries and computer laboratories. You have entered a creative milieu on a grand scale, and your success – though certainly in part attributable to your hard work and intelligence – will also be a consequence of the nature of this place itself, including your classmates and peers. In the time you spend here, perhaps you will discover in bustling computer laboratory, an alcove in the library, a machine in the gym, or some other spot on campus that inspires you to wise thoughts and creative syntheses.

Inspiring places bring together inspired people who, together or individually, do remarkable things. I suggest, if I may, that one of your tasks as you set into the amazing setting that this university is to recognize the importance of place in your achievements so far and to expend some effort finding those local environments that will allow you to discover your personal strengths and talents but also stimulate you to explore new ones. Most likely, your creative milieu will include what sociologists usually call a “third place.” Neither the room where you live nor the place where you typically do your work, the third place is where you will find that combination of camaraderie and intellectual safety in which you can try out a really big idea.

Lahore School knows that you will embrace the good of this place. Starting right now, this place is yours. Welcome!

Farewell Lahore School

July 13, 2007

Lahore School Theme Days

July 12, 2007
By Shama Razi

Lahore School of Economics MBA II 2007 students celebrated their theme days (Hippy and Devils and Angels Day) on June 25-26, 2007. Colorful events were held in the Main Café at Burki Campus. Students dressed in typical attire according to their themes gave live musical performances on these memorable days.

Senior Management from Habib Bank Limited Visits Lahore School

July 11, 2007
By Saman Khan

Senior Management from Habib Bank Limited {including Seema Kamil (Senior Executive Vive President, Corporate Banking Group), Abid Sattar (Senior Executive Vice President, Retail Banking), Zaffar A. Usmani (Head HR and Organization Development Group), Mirza Saleem Baig (Group Executive, Commercial Banking) and Saira Khan (Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Organization Development)} visited Lahore School of Economics on Wednesday, July 4, 2007 and gave a presentation to the graduating MBA and MSc students about various functions of HBL and also gave an introductory presentation on their “Management Trainee Program 2007”.

The presentation was followed by on campus interviews of the graduating students for their Management Trainee Program Program.

Farewell MBA, Executive MBA and MSc – 2007

July 8, 2007

Lahore School of Economics gave a farewell dinner for the graduating batch of MBA, Executive MBA and MSc 2007 at Crystal Hall Pearl Continental, June 21, 2007. The evening was marked by charismatic ambiance and the captivating performances.

Students reminisced and cherished their time spent at the Lahore School. They showed videos made by each section. Live music performances were also given by students in addition to giving ‘titles’ to every one.

Fourth Intra Lahore School Parliamentary Championship

July 8, 2007

By Sidra Rana

The Lahore School’s debating society (LSEAD) organized the fourth edition of its Intra-Level Parliamentary Championship on June 17 – 18, 2007. Dr. Azam Chaudhary and Dr. Theresa Chaudhary were chief guests at the Final round and gave away prises to the winners

Four teams participated in the championship which included 6 preliminary round matches before Finals. The two finalists were Team 3 (Ameera Safdar BBA 1, Shahram Niazi BBA 1 and Umer Anwar BBA 1) and Team 4 (Ayesha Mirza BBA 1, Yumna Ali BBA 1 and Ambar Nasir BBA 1).

Ahmad Iqbal Chaudhary, Ali Murtaza, Omer Imtiaz, Farhan Qasim, Fatima Saeed Khan, Haider Ali Khan and Omer Altaf and LSEAD’s faculty supervisor Sidra Rana adjudicated the matches.

Overall ranking for 12 speakers is as follows:

  1. Ayesha Mirza, 76.00
  2. Syed Zain Ali, 75.28
  3. Ali Tariq, 75.11
  4. Umer Anwar, 74.83
  5. Shahram Niazi, 74.11
  6. Omer Mustapha, 73.83
  7. Amber Nasir, 73.78
  8. Sohail Anwar, 73.56
  9. Bashir Hamid, 73.11
  10. Yumna Ali, 72.89
  11. Ameera Safdar, 72.83
  12. Aun Muhammad, 71.39

Drawing and Sketching Workshop at Lahore School

July 6, 2007

By Khadija Shahid

Lahore School of Economics Drawing and Sketching Workshop came to an end this week.

Month long activity was very enrichi. Students got a chance to unleash their creativity hidden inside during these workshops with Professor Zafar, an art professor from College of Arts and Design at University of Punjab.

Ali Zafar gave a lecture and demonstration on the fine arts.

Lahore School of Economics Intra University Soccer Tournament

June 27, 2007

By Shama Rizi

Lahore School of Economics Intra University Soccer Tournament was held from June 13 to 26, 2007 at lush green football ground, Main Campus. Final was played on June 26, 2007. Lahore School Blue won the Final from 2006 champions Nukes (3-1).

June 13, 2007

Nukes vs Lahore School Brown (Nukes 5– 0) and Lahore School Purple vs Lahore School Black (Purple 8 – 1)

June 16, 2007

Lahore School Red vs Lahore School White (Red 18-1) and Lahore School Green vs Lahore School Orange (Green 3-1)

June 18, 2007

Nukes vs Lahore School Maroon (Nukes 25-0) and Lahore School Black vs Lahore School Blue (Blue 15-0).

June 19, 2007

Lahore School Pink vs Lahore School Red (Red 4-1), Lahore School Green vs Lahore School Yellow (Yellow 8-4) and Lahore School Blue vs Lahore School Purple (Blue 26-0)

June 20, 2007

Lahore School Pink vs Lahore School White (Pink 6-2), Lahore School Maroon vs Lahore School Brown (Brown 3-0) and Lahore School Yellow vs Lahore School Orange (Yellow 8-0)

June 23, 2007

Four Quarter Finals were played between Lahore School Yellow and Lahore School Purple (walkover), Lahore School Blue and Lahore School Green (Blue 7-2), Lahore School Red and Lahore School Brown (Red 3-2) and Nukes vs Lahore School Pink (Nukes 6-2).

June 25, 2007

Two Semi Finals were played between Lahore School Yellow and Nukes (Nukes 2-0) and Lahore School Blue and Lahore School Red (Blue 2-0)

June 26, 2006

Lahore School Yellow and Lahore School Red played for third and fourth position. Yellow won the match (8-1) and stands at third position followed by Red.

Final was played on June 26, 2007. Lahore School Blue won the Final from last time champions Nukes (3-1).